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EMSCULPT is the world’s only non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatment that simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat for both men and women, and its available right here in Bakersfield at Empire Aesthetic Center.


Exercises that target the abdomen and buttocks like crunches and squats work by repeatedly contracting the muscles to increase their strength and size over time. EMSCULPT uses the same principles to trigger muscle contractions up to 20,000 times in a single session. Your muscles get a super intense, targeted workout – and all you have to do is lie back and let the machine do the work!

The abdomen of a woman before EmsculptThe more toned abdomen of a woman after Emsculpt

Four EMSCULPT Sessions

Build Muscle. Sculpt Your Body.

EMSCULPT uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce contractions in the targeted area. During an appointment, the EMSCULPT panels are attached to either the stomach or the buttocks and left in place for 30 minutes as they target fat and build muscle. Throughout your treatment, you can simply lie back and relax while EMSCULPT works its magic.


Most patients need a series of only four treatments spread out over two weeks to experience optimal results, with absolutely no downtime necessary. Following an EMSCULPT session, you may feel some soreness in the targeted area, but will not experience any noticeable or uncomfortable side effects.

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